What is Public Safety DAS?

The Public Safety DAS is a powerful wireless system used for first emergency responses that supplies radio signals to first responders. This world’s evolving technology, all companies need uninterrupted phone coverage. With this system, it maintains and allows faster communication with each other around the building to provide a more efficient response during an emergency situation.

Stay connected during emergencies by having a reliable DAS system within the building. The Public Safety DAS usually applies to municipalities but many companies are required to have these installed in their buildings. Because this system will perform as a stable communication for emergency first responders.

Lexico have the specialized tools and expertise required to ensure successful testing, design, implementation, and monitoring of today’s required life safety repeater systems.

How does a DAS work?

The public safety DAS, or distributed antenna system, once installed, will pick up the wireless signals and frequencies and it will be distributed throughout a building or area using small antennas. It helps provide a signal from certain spots that are hard to reach and it can be used both indoor and outdoor.

public safety das frequency Frequency needed

Your system must have accommodate network frequencies. Lexico can help you engage with the authorities to identify the right frequency and technology for public safety emergency response. Frequencies supported include UHF/VHF/700/800 MHz and 900 MHz in order to meet these requirements when designing your DAS to have full functionality.

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