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Continuous Coverage!

You’re on the move, and your service should follow. Get strong reception and consistent coverage, no matter where you are.

You get the powerful solutions for fleets and frequenters of the cellular network’s fringe, grab-n-go solutions for easy install, and support 1: for those who call the road home – Lexico can provide solutions for all drivers and passengers, fleets, and RV’ers.

Vehicle signal boosters works for all carriers and devices. Whether you are traveling and pass through a remote area, in the mountain side or at the beach, the signal booster designed to work in the car can help. It provides consistent service so you can stay connected on the go.

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how the cell signal booster works for vehicle?

Vehicle Signal Booster Diagram

Experience more miles of uninterrupted coverage while on the road. These signal boosters are designed to capture the outside signal and rebroadcast it to drivers and passengers.

Quick and easy installation. Simply plug-in the power supply, mounting the exterior antenna, placing the booster in a frequented location and the booster will deliver improved cellular connectivity even further from the nearest cell tower.

Stop drop calls and improve signal performance in the vehicle maximizing the cell service on the road.

Featured Cell Signal Booster Kits For Vehicles