Cellular DAS Design

Cellular DAS Design is the initial step need to improve wireless frequency coverage throughout the building or area. Lexico is focusing into providing the customers the DAS design to ensure mobile phone to work anytime and everywhere.




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Never-ending work of DAS – How it works?

The first step of Cellular DAS design is to obtain an accurate  and up-to-date blueprint of the building. The second step is to make sure you know all the relevant physical information related to the building and the DAS installation. 

Using the boosters, the signals are transmitted into the building through head-end equipment which converts the RF signals to digital pulse signals. Wireless distribution then disperses the digital signals throughout the building by way of fiber cabling, and are received by remote node locations that convert them back into RF signals and radiate them through multiple, strategically situated antennas for reliable in building wireless coverage.

Wider Signal Coverage

In-building cellular DAS being one of the leading verticals, it is a reliable wireless signal distribution for the business that most people are looking for and it is only high quality wireless communication systems that can deliver an optimal wireless network system. 

At Lexico, we are technology neutral and will work on the solution that makes the most sense for our Clients. There have been many scenarios where Lexico have recommended alternate solutions over DAS such as cell repeater solutions, it all depends on our customers unique needs, the specific market and the requirements of the Wireless Carriers network specifications”. So it is important to find a company that has the knowledge, expertise, and professionalism to handle your In building wireless installation, such as Lexico team. We can design a DAS system for any structures.

reliable cellular connection

worry no more!

Enjoy reliable connectivity anytime, anywhere. As the number of mobile users increases, it is most important to have uninterrupted connection to communicate with everyone. Smartphones being the primary device for communication to connect to our loved ones in good and bad times. In critical situations, we want to find it easier to connect with them and to the first response team. 
The mobile device can be used more importantly to people who are at work to connect with loved ones from school, home or other places that needed urgent attention. That is why most buildings provide good wi-fi network not just for the business but for everyone as required.
The Cellular DAS installed by LEXICO will provide the coverage necessary for user capacity that is required in times of need. This is to provide callers the peace of mind that they will get help. And building owners can feel good about providing a level of service that everyone need.

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