What IS A Distributed Antenna System (DAS)?

DAS or Distributed Antenna System is a system to work with poor signal coverage area. The system can be use both indoor and outdoor to increase signal and expand the network capacity from small to large buildings. 

As our world becomes increasingly reliant on wireless voice and data service, staying connected both indoors and outdoors is paramount. Even though more wireless towers exist today than ever before, factors such as heavy usage and physical barriers like low-E glass can block or severely degrade wireless service.

To overcome such obstacles, distributed antenna systems (DAS) have become the ideal solution to meet growing mobile data capacity needs and provide five bars of continuous service. DAS systems are a network of low- and high-powered antennas distributed throughout a building or campus to improve network performance both inside and out.

Whether you need constant coverage in your vehicle or need increased connectivity throughout multiple buildings, we have a distributed antenna system to meet your needs.

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