what is ibwave solutions?

iBwave Solutions is a telecom radio planning software provider that develops solutions for the in-building wireless industry. iBwave is best known for its software iBwave Design, mostly used by telecom operators, system integrators and equipment vendors.

Why we use iBwave Solution?

iBwave solutions is the power behind great in-building wireless experience, enabling billions of end users and devices to connect inside a wide range of venues.

As the global industry reference, the software solutions allow for smarter planning, design and deployment of any wireless network project regardless of size, complexity or technology.

Along with innovative software, they are recognized for world-class support in 100 countries, providing the industry’s most comprehensive components database and a well-established certification program.


ibwave design


Lexico is offering an RF system design services through iBwave software, our skills of experts will find the solution that best suit for the client’s business needs. 

The use of iBwave software helps us automate the design of the in-building wireless networks and it saves us time to design the DAS to meet your requirements. it models the building on top of your floor plan and run propagation to predict the signal strength of your design on each floor.

software design

Reliable Software for Design

Lexico uses iBwave to deliver the projects faster in lesser amount of time. It automates the design process easily with the drag and drop network features. Lexico will be able to share the design wireless network, assets, estimates across all projects.

Meet Customer Expectation

The use of iBwave software helps Lexico ensure delivery of the network quality that customers are expecting. It has an advanced analysis engine to simulate multi-technology usage and verify our customer’s capacity requirements will be met. 

It catches and fixes design errors before deploying, customize warning and errors, and allowing Lexico to sending them a detailed report to show them the predicted performance of the network and how it complies with their performance KPI’s. This will include a 3D image of the client’s building showing prediction results.

software design 2
software documentation

Saves Time On Documentation

With iBwave design, Lexico is able to review documentation in various format that helps the design team to make their work easier. Reviewing documents will take lesser time and sharing files will be much simpler, thus saving time on the documentation process. Documents save also have mainly the .ibwave file format.

Generate Data, Deliver Project Faster

iBwave design is in short an easy user-friendly software that enables the team to work together with customers and other projects. The iBwave Design is seamlessly integrated with mobile apps to streamline the wireless network design process from site walk to final delivery. 

Using iBwave helps easily set project tasks, assign resources and provide accurate project estimates. Lexico is able to track our projects from start to finish, always staying in sync. And most importantly, Lexico have the comfort knowing that in case of disaster or unforeseen outages, our project files and documentation can be quickly recovered.

data generation