Spectrum Analyzer

What is a Spectrum Analyzer?

spectrum analyzer measures the magnitude of an input signal versus frequency within the full frequency range of the instrument. The primary use is to measure the power of the spectrum of known and unknown signals. 

  • Minimum signal detection time: This is related to the sampling rate of the analyser and the FFT rate. It is also important for the realtime spectrum analyzer to give good level accuracy.

  • Persistence: Real-time spectrum analyzers are able to produce much more information for users to examine the frequency spectrum in more detail.

  • Online real-time and offline realtime: In a sense, any spectrum analyzer that has vector signal analyzer capability is a realtime analyzer. It samples data fast enough to satisfy Nyquist Sampling theorem and stores the data in memory for later processing.

Signal Benchmark Testing

Benchmark testing plays one of the most important role to determine the qualities of a software. It is a software testing type to check the performance of the system application especially with in-building cellular signal issues. This will identify if the signal performance improves after single changes made to the application. Benchmark testing also utilizes sophisticated equipment and software analysis to measure cellular and public safety signals. 


Benchmark testing has set its goals to met. It has to guarantee that the application meets the minimum specifications with response time, and other performance requirements. It has to retest the application after making an upgrade and changes made. It has to determine the breaking point of the application. This allows the developers to see how the applications work. If that fails, it provides a better experience for both users and the support team. 

Using PCTel Test Equipment

Lexico uses PCTel tools and equipment to test the wireless network in the area. This tool will help verify the coverage and quality of the in-building wireless network to be able to provide the best product to use to boost the signal inside the building.

  • Calibration— All PCTEL receivers are calibrated evaluating its performance accuracy. 
  • Extended Calibration Report—PCTEL is providing a detailed performance data that is generated from the performed calibration process.
PCTel Test Equipment

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