What is Neutral Host DAS?

A multi-carrier neutral host DAS is a distributed antenna system (DAS) shifts the ownership of a wireless service system from the carrier to either the DAS integrator, the building owner, or a third-party system provider. The neutral host DAS model can potentially speed time to market for multi-operator service, thus capable of supporting muptiple wireless services providers.

Lexico provides the right neutral host DAS solution for your building needs that increase your in-building network coverage and capacity for wireless carriers. Lexico has over a decade of trusted experience evaluating, installing, and maintaining indoor and outdoor distributed antenna systems for improved wireless connectivity and coverage. 

Why Choose a Neutral Host Provider?

Having a neutral host DAS provider like Lexico can help speed the time for deploying the shared infrastructure and deliver more efficient form of indoor and outdoor technology; it reduces mobile operator costs while it boost signal strengths and it offload the responsibility for keeping the distributed antenna system (DAS) from a carrier to a third party.

Benefits of a Neutral Host DAS?

  • Boosts cellular coverage
  • Increases network capacity
  • Enhancing the wireless connection
  • Allowing broadband mobile cellular connection
  • Increases network access from all US carrier

Neutral host DAS provides some several benefits including:

  • More end-users which can utilize the carrier’s network instead of having to roam.
  • With the THIRD-PARTY OWNERSHIP, no carrier will have an unfair advantage because the system is owned and manage by a third party.
  • The privilege of venue owners, DAS integrators and DAS suppliers can act as neutral hosts to assist and answer the growing demand of the market.

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