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A stronger signal means faster internet, consistent service, and reliable connections. Keep life on track; your signal shouldn’t slow you down.

While everyone is enjoying their activities outdoor, many are still enjoying staying in their comfort zones. People regardless of age are using cell phones as the primary ways to communicate with friends and family. And that means a strong and reliable cellular coverage in our homes is needed especially for emergency cases that is rather more important.

No one has time for spotty cell reception, poor audio quality on calls, and slow data transfers. But our homes and small work spaces are made of the very materials that block cell signals from getting inside – concrete, brick, metal, and coated glass, therefore, there’s a need of signal booster that helps signal pass through the walls getting inside the house.

Shop with our home signal boosters guaranteed to increase signal at your home.

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How the cell signal booster works for home?

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The signal boosters work for homes in the location where you are in a remote area or big city. Whether your home’s wall blocks the signal from the outside, we have signal booster products that helps passes the signal through the type of wall your home has.

Lexico provides signal boosters that works in a wider space homes extending your low network signals from your room coverage. It will determine its weak signal and this will instantly boost your calls, text and internet, no interruption in between your activities.

Powerful Signal Booster:


Simply designed for users who prefer easy to install and use.

Reliable connection:

No more drop calls, goodbye to no service receptions, enjoyable high bars.

Fast Connection Service:

Enjoy data speed, fast online streams and downloads.

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