Experience our in-building wireless technology and always stay connected wherever you go. 

Are you looking to cover a building larger than 25,000 square feet? 

We’ve helped over 10,000 customers improve their communication signals from small-size to large-sized building. Whether it’s a school, hospital, or a 100,000 sq. ft. offices or higher, we’ve seen it all. 

We have a team of signal experts that were trained to work with high level of efficiency. Let our signal engineers handle the hard work for you and they will design a custom kit that matches your needs.


In-Building Wireless Services & Processing


Our team of experts provides a free consultation services to our clients. We review the information our clients send to us and we work closely with the clients to understand the issue and help them provide a possible turnkey solution.

With our expert team,it is our utmost priority to help clients give new ideas on how the process works effectively. Lexico is the in-building wireless solution company you can trust.


Sites Survey

After the study, our engineering team conducts an inspection of your site to where the work is proposed, assess the issues, detecting weak specific areas, and brainstorming solutions.

The survey helps the team determine the exact location of the problem and will be able to provide the right product solution to the problem.


From a successful survey to series of signal testing from our expert design and analysis team, we are open to consult with you to select the design of the system and we also provide custom wireless design to fit your needs.

We consider your specific requirements to customize solutions that bring value and are effective. We have an expert team to provide full system designs or design assistance services.



After mapping out the design, the installation takes place. We will be in the process of putting the system onsite making sure we have meet the requirements.

This stage consists of technical team and will take some time to complete the installation depending on the area. We ensure the quality of the materials being used following the design and that the network is up and running perfectly.

Our technical team including the project manager will oversee the installation and provide various checks on the network for efficiency and effectiveness.

Maintenance & Repair

System maintenance is very important after installation. Upon completing the project, the maintenance team will do the routine to monitor the systems remotely.

They will monitor the signal strength, performance consistency and quality throughout the life of your wireless system and focus on preventing system failure before it occurs.

If something goes wrong, Lexico support is here to help. All of our systems come with lifetime support. We have a well-trained technical support team that will help you repair your system issues when it happens.