The Importance of Commissioning

Commission a Cellular DAS is one critical step in network testing lifecycle. It is a process where existing equipment is checked and verified to ensure its system are working efficiently and as originally intended. With commissioning, it helps to solve any performance issues of the building and improve its efficiently.



Commission A Cellular DAS & Verification Phase

The typical commissioning phase requires these tests:

  • Completely test and validate DAS construction
  • Measure baseline system noise
  • Perform DAS parameter normalization and CW testing (DL and ULCW measurements)
  • Minimize noise (maximize sensitivity)
  • Commission RF levels


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Give us your building’s construction drawings and we’ll give you a working DAS. Lexico deliver expert design and engineering, good project management, quality equipment, thorough testing and optimization, and guaranteed commissioning.

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We provide system turn-up and commissioning, coordinating with the jobsite in advance of the scheduled certificate of occupancy. And we don’t consider the job done until the building passes inspection.

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Validate DAS Readiness for System Verification Testing

When the DAS installation is complete, our installer or project manager at the venue will run checks all across the site. This is to verify the boosted signal works properly and ensuring your phones receive it. They will deliver the test results to the PM and RF engineers before they begin working on the baseline. 

The performance engineer validates that the DAS infrastructure installation is complete by:

  • Confirming that the DAS is fully connected from the demark to the antenna
  • Receive the passing coax cable sweep reports
  • Receiving passing fiber test result reports
  • Receiving PIM measurement reports
  • Receiving an alarm-free DAS System Health report


System Management & Maintenance

We can manage and maintain the systems we commission, as well as those installed by others. Our team of trained field engineers provide support to property managers and building owners through continuously managed operation, onsite support, and preventative measures to maintain uptime.

Our management interface allows for scheduled notification via email or SMS to maintenance staff or a contact of your choice. Our negotiated response times, event escalation, and access to replacement equipment help minimize system downtime.