Distributed Antenna System Installation

In-building DAS installation enhances wireless connection inside the building. Get your Building DAS design today! Get a call for FREE Consultation of fill the form on the right.

Lexico ensure the quality of the product installed in the building. Lexico designs can cover up to 500,000+ square feet using iBwave software and be deployed nationwide within one to two weeks with correct approval.

2 types of DAS Installations:

  • Passive DAS and;
  • Active DAS

What is a Passive DAS?

Passive Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) amplify signal from a “donor” location–usually on the roof of the building–and rebroadcast the signal inside the building. The donor signal is amplified by a bi-directional repeater, which is connected to a network of passive components, including coaxial cable, splitters, couplers, and antennas.

Passive DAS systems typically use passive components like coaxial cable, splitters, and diplexers to distribute signal, and Unlike active DAS, they use bi-directional amplifiers to rebroadcast signal from the macro cellular network using a donor signal on the roof.

What is Active DAS?

Active DAS involves carrier approval for uninterrupted cellular signal to be set up at your site. The differences extend to cost and deployment time – Active DAS can take months to a year to set up, and is much pricier to boot – but in this case, you get what you pay for.

Active DAS systems often use fiber optic cable to distribute signal between a centralized signal source and “remote nodes” placed around a building. The signal source is typically a “head-end” that combines signals from multiple carriers, which each need to provide their own signal source to the system, typically via their own fiber backhaul.

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    In-Building DAS Installation for Improved Safety

    Emergencies happen in an unexpected time. People always need the best cell reception they can get when it comes to this situations. By providing in-building DAS (Distributed Antenna System), it will improve the safety of those areas of poor cell phone reception and people can get immediate response. Lexico is serving customers nationwide which uses amplified cellular products to ensure the area always have reception – no matter where you are and when emergency occurs.

    Omni 4 Dome Diagram