Lexico offers a wide range of products that enhance companies’ maximum indoor coverage after an ERRC test. These products are geared towards enhancing signals and other related services, which also include Public Safety RF Grid Testing and Coverage Grid Reporting.

In line with our mission to make emergency response inside buildings safer for all first responders, we are dedicated to provide ERRC testing to provide accurate data that can easily verify public safety bands coverage. This helps all first responders from the Police Department, Fire Department and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) from Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

With our assistance, property owners now have access to specialized equipment aimed at improving wireless communication inside buildings through accurate RF Grid Testing and Compliance Reports, which help building occupants and ensure that buildings comply with building regulations.

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We have our RF signal experts who travel to any site locations to do evaluation of different factors including:

  • Analysis using Spectrum and Propagation
  • The Radio Frequency (RF) Measurements Including RF Noise Floor & Donor Signal Strength – unamplified
  • RF Inhibitors for Building Materials, Terrain, Topography, Electrical Interference & Surrounding Structures
  • Donor Signal Sources for Public Safety Radio Network Towers
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Who Do We Serve?

We have a wide-ranging different customers – from major Neutral Host DAS companies to building owners, most cellular carriers, general contractors, and Public Safety DAS deployment companies.

We provide a very detailed vital information that is used by emergency responder organizations improving the performance and ability to defend life and property.

These very detailed result analysis delivered are provided by our expert technicians to ensure the completion of any projects, ready for engineers to review results with the clients.

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If you’re looking for an accurate result and easy to understand grid testing, reporting and data collection, then call us to book for an appointment. Please complete the form and we will respond promptly to provide details and answer all the questions you may have. Thank you.