DAS – The Distributed Antenna System Solutions is simple.

Before you choose an in-building wireless solution for your building, it’s important to have the information you need to ensure you select the right technology that is the best fit for you.

Having a reliable communication is very important in every location nowadays wherever you go. Many smaller and larger companies, campuses, public areas, first responders, cellular coverage are looking for the best solutions that can improve their in-building wireless communication to maximize the coverage area for everyone. This keeps your business going wherever you are. 

This solution is your key to enhance your signal coverage for better communication. DAS Solutions are working to give you a quick fix to your problem. Lexico has a variety of signal solutions to offer that improves your reception to your wireless devices in any carrier. We do not only focus from scratch installations but we also provide a successful technology upgrade from your existing vendors and partners for consistency, providing high-quality solutions in the market to enhanced mobile Internet service.

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