Public Safety DAS services refers to providing welfare and protection to the general public from dangers and immediate response to emergencies.


Permit Submittals

There is always a need to apply for permits to install a new Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System (ERRCS) or when modifying an existing system. The contractor shall submit plans for the ERRCS that provide sufficient information for the building to determine the appropriate equipment and materials being utilized and the system meets the requirements specified in the fire code including backup power, alarms and appropriate RF signal levels.


public safety design

Lexico is committed to provide a reliable communication for good performance public safety das services. Designer team will gather the building information for the project to design the system. They will analyze the data from the site survey and develop a comprehensive solution to meet your precise needs. This will help provide an initial estimate budget for the building and on the delivery.


PUBLIC SAFETY Installation

We will schedule the date and time for installer team to come to your site once the designed phase has been finalized and approved and allowing tme for the necessary equipment to arrive in time for the installation. This step is an integral part of the process to keep materials in place where and when they are needed. A project manager will monitor the project to ensure the success installation.


public safety Test and maintenance

Provided with 3 year warranty on the equipment. Once the team completely installed the public safety DAS, our installer team will run checks across the site to verify the boosted signal works correctly. The test will also ensure the installation’s quality. The ongoing support provided will keep the public safety DAS fully operational at all times and provide immediate support when issues come up.

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