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Studies: Retail

An IT Manager for a nation-wide retail chain adopted and embraced mobile as a way to engage customers and make the in-person shopping experience as pleasurable as possible. This includes arming employees with tablets to perform tasks more efficiently—from checking inventory for a particular shoe size or color to getting more employees out on the sales floor answering customer questions. Associates in a particular section of one of the stores are having trouble connecting their tablets to the store’s network. The IT Manager explains the issue to the company’s carrier, but the only solution available is an enterprisegrade femtocell at a price tag of $2,999. Not only is this costly, but it must connect to the company’s network— breaking Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards. The IT Manager needs a compliant coverage solution for the 50,000 sq. ft. store so that frontline retail staff can be connected at all times regardless of their location, providing valuable services to customers and optimizing sales.

SOLUTION: The Cel-Fi DUO+ Smart Signal Booster restores coverage to areas of the store that were previously considered spotty or dead zones. The staff is happy they can rely on their tablets to perform price checks, help customers complete instore surveys, and engage in point-of-purchase marketing.

Studies: Food Hall

Showcasing 40 vendors that reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of Brooklyn, NY, DeKalb Market Hall is a hub of innovative cooking and dining experiences for nearly 100,000 guests each week. While the large food hall brings cuisine from around the world to Brooklyn, poor cell reception was a problem in its below ground level location in the City Point Mall.

SOLUTION: Cel-Fi QUATRA took only three days to setup with a two-person crew. Since completing the installation, Cel-Fi QUATRA is providing the cellular connectivity the flourishing food hall needs. 

Studies: Distribution Center

A brand-name, e-commerce giant was renovating its more-than 40,000 square foot warehouse. Like many other distribution centers, the building was constructed primarily with metal, steel I-beams, and impenetrable cladding on the outside. Combined with a metal roof, a minimal number of windows located in the few existing offices, and a property largely obstructed by trees, bringing a cellular signal indoors had been next to impossible.

SOLUTION: The Cel-Fi QUATRA system was installed and commissioned using the Cel-Fi WAVE Portal authentication and activation system. The installation was further optimized with antenna pointing tools available in the Cel-Fi WAVE App. Immediately following installation, the e-commerce giant experienced clear and reliable cellular connections inside its offices, operations area and warehouse.