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It is critical for healthcare facilities to have reliable cellular coverage in order to empower physicians with real-time metrics and patient information during surgeries and patient interactions. In addition, hospital staff rely on tablets to streamline patient check-in and cut down on unnecessary paperwork. And, for patients undergoing long-term care communication with family and friends is crucial to recovery so having a device that’s always connected no matter the service provider is imperative. Being able to successfully provide wireless coverage in a hospital lies in finding creative ways to circumvent the inherent problems posed in healthcare facilities such as metal-lined walls that block frequencies and lack of space for equipment.


Lexico offers the industry’s simplest, most intuitive Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to enable the fastest, easiest and most cost effective deployment for any healthcare venue. Our powerful yet flexible DAS – with a small but dense form factor and a wide variety of output powers – allows robust yet efficient coverage even amidst the dense, metal-lined walls and limited space in the IT rooms that are typical of hospitals. The ultra-modularity of our DAS future proofs your investment to accommodate any future additions of either WSP or frequency bands as well as any migrations to more advanced technologies.